Advising and Services

Ascent Advising and our Associates provide a wide range of professional and advisory services. Working together one-on-one or in small groups, substantial, tangible and vital growth occurs that makes a lasting and positive difference in your organization and the individuals in it.

All of our work is customized to meet your unique needs and circumstances. The list below is but an outline of a few of the more common approaches, but the options for how we can work together are truly limitless. We look forward to exploring together the approach that works best for you.

Here is a partial list of what we offer:

Executive/Key Staff Advising, Coaching, and Mentoring

Board of Directors Advising

Strategic Planning; Strategy Development; Business Planning

Public Relations


Brand Strategy Development; Product Line and Brand Management

Product Development; Product Development Systems and Management

Executive/Key Staff Advising/Coaching/Mentoring
It is lonely at the top. Someone once said that when you become the boss, you’ve been told the truth for the last time. Through customized advising, coaching and mentoring, we can help solve problems, give advice based on years of experience, provide referrals to other resources, and be a friendly and confidential sounding board. As your coach or mentor, we work for you, and give advise with your best interest in mind. The focus can be on your success in life, not just in this job.

“In addition to Dave’s wide range of skills, he is a remarkable man and mentor. He is a a person of great integrity and honor.”

“The training and direction you gave me have helped tremendously. I do not feel like life [just] happens to me.”

Board Advising
It is difficult to have the diverse talents needed on a board in smaller or closely held companies. An outside advisor is an excellent option for complementing the skills of the board members. Ascent can provide a wide range of expertise on either a short-term or ongoing basis.

“The real problem is, whom do I know who really has faced the tricky problems over and over again in the real world, and who has dealt successfully with them? Who has a similar business ethic? Who has no ax to grind? When I really need it, who can offer advice to support the long term success of my business?

“Glad to know you and your expertise are accessible when I need some key advice.”

Special Projects

There never is enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Ascent can provide the additional resources required to do those important projects that otherwise will never get done. Letting Ascent take on these projects allows existing staff to stay on top of other important projects as well as the day-to-day operation of the business.