The Written Word

Ascent is best known for our advisory work, but we are also keenly involved in teaching/training and writing.

Here are some of areas of our practice that involve the written word:

Adages from Ascent (the book)

For five years, Ascent has published a periodic email newsletter. It has been well received and found to be full of practical ideas and information. Ascent recently re-published these newsletters in book form.


Adages from Ascent
by Dave Bartholomew by Infinity Publishing
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Adages From Ascent

Periodic Newsletters from Ascent Advising

Throughout human history, one of the most effective forms of communications has been the parable, the legend, the tale. Similarly, short quotes and sayings do an amazing job of conveying otherwise complex topics, and serve as a mnemonic tool.

Ascent publishes a periodic newsletter based on a long list of time-tested sayings, or adages. The goal is to provide helpful concepts, applicable in your life, both on and off the job. We hear from many people that these concepts are useful and practical.

The newsletter is free, and we encourage you to subscribe below. Feel free to forward the newsletters to others who might find them helpful.

If you would like to view newsletters published in the past, please refer to the list of links below.

Furthermore, if you have topics you would like to see covered in these newsletters, email us here.

“I am impressed with the look and feel of Adages,from Ascent. Your newsletter has developed a maturity, consistency, and I think, usefulness that bodes well. It is concise, pertinent, easily read, and digestible. It is no easy feat to effectively condense the wisdom of the ages into 100 second sound bites. It would seem that you may have developed a knack for just that.”

“ I look forward to receiving future installments.”

“Thanks so much for the thought provoking news letters.”

“This is good stuff. Please keep me on your distribution list.”

“I have been appreciating the subject of these messages. The subject has direct application.”

“Thank you for your email updates. I find them tremendously encouraging.”

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Newsletter Archive

Click on the links below to view previously published issues of Adages from Ascent

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Expectations: The Dangers of Unstated Expectations

Expectations: The Struggles of Conflicting Expectations

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Expectations: The Advantages of Managed Expectations

Personal Responsibility: Blame it or Claim It

Personal Responsibility: An Opportunity

Personal Responsibility: Tools and Tips

Fact, Fiction, Opinion

You Do Have the Time

Creating Understanding through Communicating Context - Part 1

Creating Understanding through Communicating Context - Part 2

Creating Understanding through Communicating Context - Part 3

Don’t Follow the Herd

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3 E’s

Internal vs. External Focus

It’s what you do, not when you do it

Business Foundations

What Do You Stand For?