What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Ascent Advising…

“There comes a real world experience thing that cannot be replaced. We were really fortunate early on to make good decisions and one of them was to hire a business advisor… Dave was fantastic because he has been through what we were going through… So when we didn’t have an answer we could run things by him… The best part was that we actually listened to him. That was one of the smart things we did.”

S.D. Owner, Distribution Company

“You are my business Dad!”

“Personally, Dave, I appreciate your sound, consistent advice in leading the organization in growth.”

L.M. Executive Director, Non-profit

“I want to thank you for your counseling and guidance helping me understand how to interact and communicate within my organization It was helpful that you were able to capture my supervisor’s expectations and work with me on taking the actions that I needed to exceed those expectations. Without succeeding in my role this year I would not have had the opportunity for my new role next year. Thank you!”

P.T., CH2M Hill (Global engineering, construction and operations firm)

“Your business skills are above reproach with the best being able to clearly hear all parties and articulate it back into goals, executables and accountability both professionally and personally. You bring a mix of business and financial acumen that is a rarity today and it allows you to address many issues that exist in all companies today whether they realize it or not.”

“Above all you bring truth which shows the character and integrity of your person. Never once did you waiver to tell us what we were doing wrong or admit that you might not be the best source of knowledge for issues of which you were not familiar. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our company’s success and for integrating with our team seamlessly.”

Leslie Mellott, Co-Founder, Leonidas, LLC.

“The training and direction you gave me have helped tremendously. I do not feel like life [just] happens to me.”

“In addition to Dave’s wide range of skills, he is a remarkable man and mentor. He is a a person of great integrity and honor.”

“The real problem is, whom do I know who really has faced the tricky problems over and over again in the real world, and who has dealt successfully with them? Who has a similar business ethic? Who has no ax to grind? When I really need it, who can offer advice to support the long term success of my business?”

D.V., Small Business Owner

“Glad to know you and your expertise are accessible when I need some key advice.”

“Dave has the unique ability to combine his business acumen, love of the outdoors and a desire to have fun in a way that always generates desired results. His book, Adages from Ascent, has been extremely helpful to me and the quote from the book, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” has been central to understanding our shared experiences.”

Bruce Ward, Executive Director, Continental Divide Trail Alliance

“Dave Bartholomew is the kind of boss and co-worker that everyone aspires to have. He is a visionary who sets clear, measurable goals. He is balanced and fair, open-minded and approachable. Most of all, Dave is truly a man of integrity. He develops teams and recognizes accomplishments publicly. He is a great motivator and manager and I am proud to call him a friend.”

Duane Dunk, HaloSource, Inc.

“Dave is an inspirational leader with strong values, integrity and practical advice.”

Nancy Dienes, Cascade Designs, Inc.