Fundamental to Ascent’s business is the concept that none of us can do it (whatever “it” might be) alone. We need the help of others. Sometimes that means working together in an advisory capacity. Sometimes it means that you work with someone else with a different expertise. Other times a good book is just what you need.

Ascent can assist you in many different ways. Of course, the services described in this website are our main tool to helping you achieve success as you define it. In addition, Ascent publishes a free periodic email newsletter with helpful ideas and suggestions (follow link at the bottom of this page to subscribe). If you would like to view newsletters published in the past, please click here.

If the services that Ascent provides don’t seem to be quite what you need, chances are we know someone else that can help. Send us an email so we can discuss this. As for books, here are a few of the many resources that have helped us over the years. If you have resources that have helped you, we’d love to hear about them. Please send us an email.

Marketing Management by Philip Kotler - This is the “Bible” of marketing. I have referred to it endlessly over the years. My original copy is literally falling apart and have purchased two replacements. Hundreds of people have purchased this book on my recommendation. If you buy, read and re-read this book, and use the concepts it contains, it will improve your career performance and satisfaction.


Monday Morning Leadership by David Cottrell - An incredibly easy book to read, yet very practical. It conveys the basics of leadership in eight, easy to swallow bites. I bought a stack of these books and handed them out to associates.


Culture Shift - Another incredibly easy book to read. A helpful book for organizations experiencing any sort of change (and who isn’t these days).


The Art of War - Many of you are already familiar with this ancient classic. If you are not, you are probably wondering why a book on war would be on a list of business resources. Believe me, it has its place. If you can overcome the fact that the book was written with the intent of winning a literal war, it is not difficult to see how the concepts of this book can be applied to your life as a businessperson. The ideas in this book are meaty. I’ve spent days working through just one page of this book.

The Art of War (Barnes & Noble Reader’s Companion)

The Millionaire Next Door - No this is NOT a get-rich-quick book. I received this book as a gift and almost didn’t read it because I thought it was. This book is really a report on an empirical study on how wealthy people got that way, and how the people that you think are wealthy likely are not. It is a study in human behavior, and misbehavior. It is an inspiration for strategies in how to run your personal financial life.


FranklinCovey Planners - Effective time management is one of the most important skills for anyone, in businesses, in life. There are many tools available to assist you in managing your time. After attending seemingly countless seminars and trying almost countless techniques, it is easy to recommend the FranklinCovey planners. In addition, FranklinCovey has some superb training sessions. They are presented in a public forum, or customized and brought into your own conference room.. They also offer a wide range of other useful products.
FranklinCovey Planners

Good to Great by Jim Collins (also the author of Built to Last) - This is an inspiring book. It is not theory, but well-researched concepts that have worked over time and can be applied in real life. If you want to know what it takes to have not just a good company, but a great company, this is an important book to read.


Parenting with Love and Logic - Alright, why do I recommend a book on parenting to an audience that is predominantly interested in effectively running a business? Parenting with Love and Logic is really a book of how to effectively deal with people, and do so in a manner that is both compassionate and logical. I have recommended this book and the concepts it describes to many businesspeople and have heard numerous reports of success. Like parenting, it is best applied with a team approach. If possible, read this book with a trusted ally (co-worker, mentor, etc.) and apply the concepts in consultation with them.


Before I Forget - Now this is not a business book. It is a book I wrote mostly for family and friends, about family and friends. It contains a few of the hundreds of short stories I told to my two sons each night for years, right after they went to bed and prepared for sleep. Settings range from mountain top to board room.


Most people have heard an inspirational thought that assists them in making it through the day, gives them guidance over the years, or keeps them focused during those challenging times. Our list of such thoughts and quotes is growing each day, so we decided to share with you. To see this ever-growing list, click here.

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